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Mission Statement


There is no job or business that I know of that is considered the perfect situation. Finding money for people is about as close as it gets to being the perfect business (at least for me).

There is NEVER any out of pocket expense for recipients. Beware of any company that asks you for money to complete a similar transaction.

Getting the funds to you, generally, takes 70 to 120 days.

In rare cases, we may elect to not pursue the funds if the amount of funds available do not warrant the expense to get them released.

We hope that you elect to have us represent you and attempt to get you your monies. The more complete you fill out the very small amount of paperwork and the quicker you return those documents to us (notarized), the sooner you will receive you check.

Income taxes, don't you just love those income taxes. What your income tax liability is (if any) will be determined by your CPA or income tax advisor. Even if you are required to pay income taxes on the funds you receive, some cash is always better than no cash.

If you are in charge of an estate that has funds available (believe it or not, yes I have actually had people tell me they didn't want the money because it would be a "snake pit" because of all of the heirs $69,000) at least allow us to retrieve the funds and we will donate it to the charity of your choice. This will take very little of your time and we will provide proof of the donation to you once we receive the funds. At least good can come of the money instead of just sitting in an account and eventually going into the general fund of a government agency or business. These agencies/companies are, by law, required to hold the funds for a determined amount of time. If the funds are not claimed, it belongs to the business/government agency to do with as they please.

We are looking forward to doing business with you and hope that we can make your bank account a little better than it is today.


Ron Hughes, General Partner

                    A Division of Hughes Companies

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